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Self Serve Auto Shop


We are the only "Do It Yourself" Auto Repair shop in Las Vegas!  Our facility is very similar to a "hobby shop" or a "rent a bay".

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What is it?

We Have a professional auto shop available to anyone who wants to do their own work and save money doing it.  Our rates are much less than the independent shops and we offer professional grade tools.  Use of the auto lifts are included in the the rental rate. 

How much is it?

$35/hr- Includes a lift and the majority of the tools in our facility. 

(We do charge additional for select tools, services, if you work after hours, and if you bring additional helpers in)

$95/hr- Have one of our experienced mechanics work along side you, or do the work entirely FOR you.

$110/hr- Bring your own parts, & have our mechanic do the work.

Don't forget to ask us about financing!

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Sin City DIY Garage

5165 Rousso Road Suite D, Las Vegas, Nevada 89118, United States

(702) 666-4606